Excavator-mounted hydraulic rock splitter

Excavator-mounted hydraulic rock splitter


Excavator-mounted hydraulic rock splitter

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The hydraulic rock splitter can be mounted on existing excavator easily, matching with excavator’s operation system and power system. Compare to the hand-held rock splitter, its splitting force is enormous and up to 2400 ton. Specifically for secondary demolition of boulder, rocks, concrete, etc. All operations can be done in the cockpit, you can conduct splitting tasks safely and continuously in the cockpit without any danger and heavy work.

Overflow valve------Exclusive patent technology for refitted-excavator smart conversion, (Patent No. 201010269506.4/201020513535.6). Adjust oil pressure, flow rate precisely to match the excavator, but not change original oil system, achieve 5-in-one conversion seamlessly. Ensure the stability of the excavator.

Easy installation
No need for changing original oil system of excavator, no effect to original functions of excavator, just mount/remove on spot


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